A Budget Magic 2013 Brew: Mono Black Exalted

So whenever a new set comes out, I buy a bunch of boxes, bust a ton of packs. After sorting out all the rares and money cards I am stuck with a lot of loose cards and with them I have been building fun budget decks with just the commons and uncommons of the set. It is not easy with such a restricted card pool but it makes good use of cards I probably won’t use other wise and as always it is fun to just brew.

Anyways, I thought to make this a regular segment on the blog with each Magic set released. For Avacyn Restored, I brewed up a Red/ Blue Humans deck with a lot of quirky interactions. Magic 2013 just came out a week ago and I have been testing this mono black exalted deck.

Mono Black Exalted:

4 Duty- Bound Dead
4 Tormented Soul
4 Knight of Infamy
3 Vampire Nighthawk (I had only 3 left over after using a set in my Battle of Wits deck.)

4 Murder
4 Cower in Fear
4 Duress
4 Sign in Blood
4 Vile Rebirth
2 Ring of Xathrid

23 Swamps

This is pretty straight forward deck. I considered adding Servant of Nefarox but it is so slow and since it lacks evasion it would probably never attack, making it no better than a Duty Bound Dead. So have 8 exalted creatures in the end and Tormented Soul and Vampire Nighthawk are the primary attackers. Ring of Xathrid is there just for value and perhaps late game reach. A massive Nighthawk or Tormented Soul can win races.

As for the spells, it is basically just the best black has to offer for commons and uncommons in Magic 2013. Murder one shots problematic creatures, Cower in Fear clears the way of tokens and small creatures, Duress takes care of Wraths and other problematic spells, Sign in Blood draw cards and finally Vile Rebirth serves as a little graveyard hate and a surprise blocker.

The deck’s curve is low, very low which has its pros and cons. In the first few turns, you should get a bunch of damage in but your opponents would probably be doing more powerful things in the mid and late game. The best you can do to minimize that given the parameters is cutting 4 Vile Rebirth for 1 Swamp, 2 Rings and 1 more Vampire Nighthawk.

If you want to build a similar deck for say FNM and keeping with the budget deck in mind I am thinking about a rare, Nefarox Overlord of Grixis. It is the cheapest of the legends cycle of Magic 2013. You can get a foiled one from the intro pack but the single sells for only $1 currently and it would probably drop if you wait. I would probably start with cutting 4 Vile Rebirth for the sideboard for 1 Swamp, 1 Ring of Xathrid and 2 Nefarox. Also a mix of Doom Blades and Go for the Throat is probably better than Murder and Cower in Fear.



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6 responses to “A Budget Magic 2013 Brew: Mono Black Exalted

  1. I love the idea of this deck. I am thinking about putting an exalted deck together, and this seems like a perfect blueprint. I have one question for you though. Would you consider adding in some white exalted cards, or did you want to keep this specifically a mono deck?

    • For budget brews, I like to keep it one color if possible so you don’t need a set of duals. Another than Sublime Archangel, I not really that impress by white’s exalted offerings. Aven Squire or Knight of Glory is probably better than duty bound dead but the fastest exalted creature has it advantages. Adding white does give you more answers and utility spells though like Oblivion Ring, Revoke Existence or Faith’s Shield.

  2. Yea, that is what is attracting me to splashing some white into this deck. I really like O Ring. Combined with murder, I have two different type of spells that can eliminate problematic cards. Also, I have seen some people use Vault Skirge, which I think is an excellent addition to an exalted deck since it can come out T1 as well. Thanks for posting a great idea for a deck. Im probably going to build something very similar to start out with. Then add some rares as I come across them.

  3. Oscar

    Hey man!
    I just started playing magic, i bought a fat pack at the release of core 2013. After experimenting with decks on my own (mainly black) i tried to find decks on the Internet to mess around with, and this one really seemed interesting. But I have a few, perhaps noobish, questions. Why isn’t mark of the vampire in this deck? It seems like such a great card according to me, but since I just started playing I might be wrong 😛 and also, would you recommend removing a land to add another vampire Nighthawk?
    Also, what about the card blood reckoning, isn’t that a good one as well?

    Thankful for any answers, and thanks for doing this deck! 🙂

    • I built this deck with the scraps of my collection so you should definitely add a 4th Nighthawk if you have it. But you shouldn’t cut a land. 24 is kind the default for decks. 23 is for aggro decks but you will be tight in mana some games. I wouldn’t got lower without a lot of card drawing. I would cut a Vile Rebirth for it.

      In general auras aren’t playable in constructed format. It is fine in draft but the reason people don’t play it in Standard, Modern, Legacy etc is when you put on a creatures it is almost certainly going to get Vapor Snagged, or killed with something like a Go for the Throat. This means your opponents is getting 2 for 1 with his card. Blood Reckoning is kind of slow but I have it in the sideboard. This is an aggressive deck so I want to streamline it as much as possible and Blood Reckoning is more of a defensive card.

      Hope this helps and best of luck on your deck. If you need any help, tips, advice etc feel free to ask.

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