2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Break!

I am sure that Allen and Ginter is one product that many collectors look forward to every year. It is always crammed with value with its diverse checklist, oddball inserts and crazy hits. I have been meaning to pick up a box since it was released but little things (like say the craziest rainstorm that I can remember in NYC) kept coming up. Finally I busted a box yesterday and here are my pulls.

The base cards:

Minis and inserts:

I think Topps has another winner here. I took a look at some of the cards others have been pulling and I find myself wanting a number of them. I really, really want an Arnold Palmer autograph, not because he is golf legend but because his perfect blend of ice tea and lemonade is like my favorite drink ever! Anyways Topps can’t really do too much to tinker with the card design so you really can’t say much about that. The mini inserts are as quirky as usual but it may just be my box but there seems to be less oddball cards in the base set. For example, where are the champions of all the obscure sports out there. I also find the What’s In A Name inserts pointless. Still when so many products suffering from monotony lately, Allen & Ginter has so much that there is bound to be something you want to collect. I know I am probably going to try to complete the base set and probably an insert or two.

With that all being said, my hits and box topper are kind of lame. I kind of want Angel Pagan but he isn’t a Met any more and Cueto and Chipper Jones mem cards don’t really excite me.

But what does excite me is this year’s Allen & Ginter code.

I can’t say I am the best at code breaking or solving mysteries but I ran several scavenger hunts and murder mysteries before so I have created my own codes and murder mysteries before. Murder in Willow Cove is very intriguing with the profiles, the newspaper and all the Twitter accounts. There is like 0.000001% of me winning but I definitely going to pay attention and see if anything comes to me. Knowing what to look out for is like half the battle and I have some ideas already.



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2 responses to “2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Break!

  1. Scott

    You up for trading the Chipper jersey or any of the singles?

    • The Chipper Jersey is def for trade. I may keep the singles for now because I want to build the set and I don’t know what cards I would need just yet.

      Shoot me an email at park_dweller at yahoo dot com

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