2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster Break

So someone has solved the Allen and Ginter code already. This year’s murder mystery format was a lot of fun. I had some leads and was basically fishing for urls all week but I knew I was way behind. Anyways I have decided I still want to try to collect the Allen & Ginter code set, Murder at Willow Cove before I attempt to complete any of the other sets. Now with the code solved I should able to get the cards pretty cheap but as always I much perfer to trade for them. It is a lot more fun that way! So if you have any code cards for trade, I would love to work something out!

I bought a blaster of Allen & Ginter the other day and only got the chance to scans the cards today. There are 7 packs plus 1 bonus pack and Murder at Willow Cove cards fall 1 in 8 packs so I should be able to pull at least one. Here are some of my pulls.

The Base Cards:



Still haven’t had a great break of 2012 Allen and Ginter and still haven’t pull a lot of the quirkier cards. I should be able to trade the black border Babe Ruth mini to a Yankee collector though and also I did pull a code card. So I now have Kerry Fulder, Don Givens, Jack Guttman, Greg Keeley and the vacant lot and need everything else.

Finally I want to say thanks to Scott for helping me out with a ton of Allen and Ginter cards, including a code card and a bunch of cards for my PC via trade. I am still sorting them out…



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2 responses to “2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster Break

  1. Ben Ruta

    ill trade a tom chance one

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