2011 Topps UFC Finest Box Break: The First Printing Plate I Have Ever Pulled!!

So 2012 Topps UFC Finest seems to be selling pretty well as it was sold out in my local hobby store. That kind of sucks but 2011 Topps UFC Finest boxes were on sale for $80 so I picked up last year’s instead. I think I did pretty well.

Each box is guaranteed 6 autographs or relic cards and I will just cut to the chase.

Dustin Poirier Finest Threads 149/188

Chuck Liddell Authentic Event- Used Mat Relic from UFC 57. Googled UFC 57 and this is the card where Chuck Liddell knocked out Randy Couture in 1:28 and sent Couture to his first retirement.

Donald Cerrone Autograph Parallel 16/25. I have been a fan of Donald Cowboy Cerrone since his WEC days. He has tons of Fights/ Knockouts/ Submissions of the Nights awards and he has been flirting with a UFC Lightweight title shot.

Anderson Silva Finest Threads

Brian Stann Finest Threads Jumbo Swatch

That would have been a pretty decent box break break with the hits above but I also pulled this…

an autographed Dominick Cruz printing plate!! My brother has pulled like 2 printing plates (if I remember right) in the past but I haven’t pulled a printing plate until now and it is a pretty sick pull if don’t say so myself. Dominick Cruz has been a dominant UFC Bantamweight Championship, chasing away other top fighters like Demetrious Johnson and Joseph Benavidez out of the Bantamweight division.

In addition, I pulled a couple of decent parallels like a Roy Nelson/88, Brock Lesnar /888, Brian Stann /188, Anderson Silva /388 and a GSP refractor. So after a couple of sub-par box breaks the last couple of months it is box breaks like this that keeps sucking me back in.


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One response to “2011 Topps UFC Finest Box Break: The First Printing Plate I Have Ever Pulled!!

  1. That’s a pretty nice printing plate. I pulled one once, but it wasn’t an auto.

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