Baseball Repack Break – Autograph and Memorabilia Edition

I did OK in one of these repacks for basketball cards so I thought to try one for baseball cards.

Honestly I have opened so many packs of baseball and basketball cards and pulled enough hits that I can kind of tell there was an autograph or memorabilia card from a high end product or at least something other than a boring white swatch in the repack just from looking at the top of the card. It is not a perfect science but the hit was wrapped in this…

and I pulled this Clear Cut Elements Reed Johnson Autograph Memorabilia card 188/199.

It is a pretty sweet looking card and while Reed Johnson is no superstar, this hit is much better than what I usually pull from repacks. The rest of the repack was a lot of bleh but there was a good mix of cards unlike the basketball repack. Here are some of more interesting cards.

I may or may not have the Iguchi card already for my PC but I definitely need the Masato Yoshii card. The Mickey Mantle Home Run cards are insane to collect but home run #1 is kind of cool. I haven’t seen the Skybox E-XL cards before and they are certainly something different but I haven’t really pulled any players to be that excited for.

All in all not a bad break. Can’t say I have pulled an autograph from repacks too often.


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