Nothing But Net Collection Basketball Repack

The Nothing But Net Collection basketball repack has an interesting gimmick. It is guaranteed 10 basketball packs and $15 of LeBron James cards (catalog value). So at $14.99 a pop, in theory you can’t lose!

Here are the LeBron James cards in the repack.

The National Sports Collectors Convention promos are interesting. The LeBron Freshman Season collection cards are kind of worthless if they are not in a complete set in my opinion. I guess the thinking is they are all rookie cards???

There 10 packs aren’t great. The three worth cracking are 2007-08 Topps Basketball, 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball and Panini Adrenalyn. Of those packs I am only excited about one card.

A Raymond Felton Gold Parallel 2003/2007. Raymond Felton is more than likely going to be the starting point guard for the Knicks and I have always considered starting a little Raymond Felton collection, since I have a certain bias to the name Raymond.

I also pulled two decent rookie cards.

The other packs are 1990 Fleer Basketball and Skybox Inaugural Edition, packs that define the Junk era. I think they are worth more sealed so I probably throw them in my rainy day box or more than likely give them away.


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  1. Scott

    Yeah I bought one of these too… I did pull a Jordan out of the 90 fleer, but this repack might be worth $5. Stay away.

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