Comics in Pop Culture Quiz

I admit I haven’t been busting many boxes or even packs lately. It is just that noting in the hobby stores excites me at the moment but I want to do something a little different. You may or may not have known that my friends and I and pretty good at trivia. In fact, I know at least of two people who have went on Jeopardy. As for me, I am way too lazy to apply despite my friends pushing me to do so. Anyways, I was going through my comics collection and a little light bulb went off in my head. How about a little trivia on this blog and what better way to start than the category Comics & Pop Culture.

Each of these comics were covered by major newspapers and blogs creating a buzz, for one reason or another. The quiz is simple. Why?

For example,

When it comes to Archie Comics, the question has always been would Archie choose Betty or Veronica and after decades of shenanigans and a bit of back and forth Archie finally has chosen! *Gasp*… and it is Veronica??? If you want the spoiler (and to be honest I haven’t read the whole story arc), Archie is just taking a look at the two possible futures. He “marries” Betty three issues later.

Ok, let’s start with an easy one and the most recent. Justice League #12

The Amazing Spider-Man #583. This comic probably better known for its variant cover and without looking it up, it probably the best selling comic book in the last decade.

Astonishing X-Men #51

Fantastic Four #587

Finally a tough one. Action Comics #900.

Let’s see how many you can get without Googling them. A couple of hints. All the comics are fairly recently so no comics like the Death of Superman. If you read the newspapers every morning from cover to cover (and I guess have an uncanny ability to recall useless information, a must for trivia buffs!), you should have all you need to know. The cover art on the comics also helps. Some more than others.

There is no prize for this quiz so feel free to post your answers in the comment section below. I’ll approve the comments about a week from now. I may up the ante in the future and see what cool stuff I can give away so stay tuned!



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2 responses to “Comics in Pop Culture Quiz

  1. hannah

    gosh this is hard. i only know two.
    JL #12 – when Superman and WW finally become an item
    Astonishing X-men #51 – the first mutant gay wedding

  2. So the answers are…
    Justice League #12 – Superman and Woman Woman a couple??? What about Lois Lane?
    The Amazing Spider-Man #583 – The infamous Obama crossover that spawned a million other Obama comic crossovers
    Astonishing X-Men #51 – First mutant gay wedding.
    Fantastic Four #587 – Death of the Human Torch
    Action Comics #900 – Superman renouces his American citzenship and instead becomes a citzen of Earth

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