A Little Magic Celebration Tournament Report

The Magic Celebration is an awesome free event to reward players and attract newcomers to the game. My local hobby store had a great turnout. The format is Mini- Master which basically means you get one pack and three of each of the basic lands and that is your deck. If you win, you get another pack to improve your deck.

So my pool was kind of weak.

The curve was too low. Didn’t get any removal and/or splashy cards. The best cards are easily Faerie Invaders and Harbor Bandit. So all in all, I really had no room for errors and need to get lucky. Here is my little tournament report and it is rather short…

My opponent’s pool is missing a huge bomb but he had a bunch of good cards that can get take over the game. From my notes, here is most of his pack.

Oblivion Ring
Chandra’s Fury
Gilded Lotus
Goblin Arsonist
Fire Elemental
Mind Sculpt
Battlefight Eagle
Mindclaw Shaman
Duty Bound Dead
Bond Beetle

So in Game 1:
My opponent Mind Sculpts me early and O-rings my Faerie Invaders. I knew I was in a lot trouble. He casts a Battlefight Eagle and I didn’t have ways to deal with flyers so I suicided a 1/1 soldier from Captain’s Call which he blocked and I cast Glorious Charge to trade. In the end this may have been a mistake. He was able to grind me out and eventually was left with the board of a bunch of 1/1s to his Watercourser, Duty Bound Dead and a 1/2 Bond Beetle. I was running out of cards in my library so I chose the line to use Courtly Provocateur to force his Watercourse to attack each turn while I alpha attack with my 1/1s, losing one each turn. I had Bountiful Harvest to win the race. With two cards left in my deck, I draw my Harbor Bandit one turn to late. The final turn I had my opponent at 4 with a Harbor Bandit and an Augur of Bolas but he had a blocker. I was just one life short.

Game 2:

Game 2 wasn’t close. He Mind Sculpts me early again but didn’t hit anything. I got a Faerie Invaders and a Harbor Bandit with a Negate for his O-ring.

Game 3:
I wasn’t off to a good start game 3. I had all the wrong lands but he only had a 1/2 Bond Beetle. He Mind Sculpts me all three games and hits a Faerie Invaders. He makes the mistake of using Switcheroo trading his Bond Beetle for my Master of Pearl Trident (he doesn’t give himself Islandwalk and I didn’t see a Switcheroo the first two games so it could have been a blowout). But he then Mindclaw Shamans my Bountiful Harvest which proved to be the deciding factor as I couldn’t race anymore. The board gets pretty clogged up so I swing with my team with a Glorious Charge in hand and hoping for bad blocks. He blocks pretty much to my best case scenario but when I cast the Glorious Charge he had a Chandra’s Fury. At the end of this turn, I was left with a Harbor Bandit and he had an empty board. He then casts a Fire Elemental and all I drew with a Walking Corpse.

I felt like with my pool it shouldn’t be close but I made a game out of what I got. If I drew the Harbor Bandit in Game 1 one turn earlier I probably would have been 2-0. Oh wells. I really had nothing to lose.


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