2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Blaster Break

I haven’t been too impressed by Goodwin Champions in years past but one blaster can’t hurt, right?

It is hard not to compare it to Topps Allen & Ginter but I’ll try. Here are some of the base cards.

The downside with black bordered cards is that is tough to keep in mint condition since it chips so easily but with that being said, I think the black border really works with this year’s design. The art also is top notch for the most part. I love the Anderson Silva card and I honestly believe it is better than any base card Topps has done. I also love oddball cards and from the small sample size, this year Goodwin Champions has a very interesting checklist, dare I say better than even this year’s Allen & Ginter. You got everyone from sports superstars like Steve Nash along with stars from less mainstream sports like Joey Chestnut and historical figures like General Stonewall Jackson. Every pack I really felt like I can pull a card of just about anyone.

The box says I will pull 5 minis and I pulled 5 minis.

Dominique Wilkins is a Lady Luck parallel. Minis are nice to have but a pain to store. I use to love minis but as they accumulated in bunches in pennies sleeves I am beginning to rethink that. First world problem, I know.

There really isn’t much to say about the insert I pulled.

I am not in big military history so I am not really its target market.

All in all, Upper Deck has finally found the formula to downplay the fact the card aren’t licensed. Just compare it to World of Sports. This product gives me a glimmer a hope that Upper Deck can still be a major player in the sports cards world.



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3 responses to “2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Blaster Break

  1. I could use that Military Machines insert and the Fisk mini if you want to move them.

  2. robada

    I think its a fun product to break, I cracked 2 hobby boxes and pulled a Tyson auto and a Shoeless Joe Jackson Relic Card

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