Basketball Super Value Pack Break

I don’t have high expectations for it but I picked up a Basketball Super Value rack pack. I had some successful with the baseball counterpart and it was a fun break so I thought, why not?

Here are some the more interesting cards.

It was a good mix of 80’s, 90’s and 00’s cards, base cards and inserts. It is certainly something to look at all the 90’s designs. They were certainly a bit oddball, most using bright and vibrant colors. But with that beings said there were some uGly cards like say these…

Probably one of the more interesting card is Russ Schoene college card.

There were a couple of rookies but these were the only ones I know of/ care about.

The closest thing to a hit in the pack was a Al Thorton gold parallel.

All in all, I didn’t pull anything of note but a lot of repacks lacks variety and it is the variety that makes for a fun break. Opening the pack, it is kind of like going to the history of basketball card. With that being said, say away from repacks…


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