Leaf The Living Legend Pete Rose Box Break

Leaf has come out with some interesting products lately. Here is another one, one is dedicated to Pete Rose. Like the History of Baseball it was priced at $30 a box but it is guaranteed a Pete Rose autograph with a chance for an autographed memorabilia.

The base set is kind of boring.

Just some of the more iconic photos of Pete Rose in black and white in the front and for the back, they got kind of lazy. They used the same photo on every card on the back and you can kind of tell that Leaf were running out of blurbs. For example one blurbs is simply, “1969 Portrait of Pete Rose”. It is kind of weird that the base set is 50 cards and the blaster has 60 cards not counting the autograph (6 cards per pack and 10 packs per box). It should mean that I get a complete set and 10 extra cards but I seem to be missing card #16. Kind of annoying.

The main attraction of course is the Pete Rose autograph and mines is…

I know Pete Rose signs of ton but I didn’t own an auto of his until now and it is still pretty exciting. I have had much luck yet but Leaf in general seems to be a nice alternative to Topps, Upper Deck and Panini. I guess I am just bored with the same old, same old.


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