MTG Budget Legacy Deck: Omniscience High Tide

One of the biggest complaints about Legacy is the huge barrier of entry since many of the Legacy staples cost a lot of $$$. I have a couple of Legacy decks (some worth a pretty penny) but I wanted one I can bring with me at all times in case I can get a random Legacy game in my local gaming store. So I wanted a “budget” deck and here is Legacy brew that you can build for about $100 or so. If you are not familiar with the High Tide deck, you should definitely first read this.

Omniscience High Tide:

The combo cards:
4 High Tide
3 Turnabout
1 Time Spiral
1 Snap
2 Omniscience
1 Brain Freeze
1 Blue Sun’s Zenith

The cantrips and tutors:
4 Ponder
4 Preordain
1 Brainstorm
4 Accumulated Knowledge // Not quite sure what is the best card for this slot
4 Merchant Scroll
1 Meditate
2 Cunning Wish

4 Spell Pierce
2 Counterspell
2 Remand

19 Islands

Sideboard/ Wish Board:
3 Hydroblast
3 Submerge
3 Grafdigger’s Cage
1 Meditate
1 Brain Freeze
1 Turnabout
1 Rebuild
1 Snap
1 Pact of Negation

I just revamp the deck and still playtesting it so there might be be a very tweaks here are there. One thing is to watch out for Emrakuls. They are SOOOO annoying.

Anyways, here are some of the cards that are missing from a stock High Tide List:
Candelabra of Tawnos – Candelabra of Tawnos goes for about $225 and it is probably the only money card in the High Tide combo. Luckily there are enough other cards that untap your lands that replace it with and I am trying out Omniscience as the engine. Mind Over Matter might work as well.
Time Spiral – Time Spiral does exactly want you want. Draw cards and untap lands. It goes for about $20 now so you definitely want to get as many as can for the deck. I hope to acquire at least 2 more via trade in the coming weeks.
Reset – Resets are more for the old school versions of the deck. It makes you play subpar cards because all your cantrips has to be instants, like opt.
Force of Will – Some call it FoWs the glue of the Legacy format and it is probably the biggest loss for the budget version of the deck. High Tide is a lot more vulnerable without free counterspells and susceptible to unfair decks like Belcher. Misdirection or Pact of Negation can be an answer if you just want to protect the combo. I currently have one Pact of Negation as a bad cancel with Cunning Wish if I really, really need a counterspell on the spot.
Fetchlands and Brainstorms – All my fetchlands to find islands have found a home in other decks so there is no reliable way to shuffle your deck in my current version of High Tide which means Brainstorm is actually worst than say a Ponder or Preordian.
Explore and Retraced Image – These cards allow you to play more lands per turn speeding up the combo. Playing Explore means you need to play Tropical Islands and Fetchlands which is going to cost $$$. Retraced Image is interesting but since it doesn’t cantrip it can really throw a wretch during the turn you are trying to combo out.

I have to warn you, the High Tide deck isn’t easy to pilot. It is going to take some practice to always make sure you have enough mana to continue comboing out and to pick up all the little tricks like Remanding your Brain Freeze so you can cast it twice. But I think it is more fun to play then other budget Legacy decks like say Zoo (which sucks), Burn or Dredge without the Lion’s Eye Diamonds.


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