New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 2

I took a look around Artist Alley in Day 2 of New York Comic Con and picked up a couple of things.

A Signed Copy of G-Man: Coming Home #1 which is a NYCC exclusive according the website.

I love these two watercolor sketches (one of the Tardis and one of Aang) by Shane Michael Vidaurri.

I suspect I may pick up a couple more sweet sketches the next two days.

Also I attended three panels, most notably the Robot Chicken panel which I think year after year is the most popular panel. The line is always ridiculously long and I finally made it in (barely). It was a lot of fun and everyone on the panel was hilarious.

I was like the 3rd row from the back

Food and Comics Panel

There is a chance I won’t get any of the more popular autographs this year. : ( The lines go for miles and miles. Saturday is traditionally the most crowded day so my best shot is Sunday to pick one up. I really, really want to get Peter Davison’s auto (the 5th Doctor on Doctor Who) so fingers crossed.



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2 responses to “New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 2

  1. It’s cool that you got an auto and some sketches.

  2. Scott

    Love Robot Chicken, that had to have been fun.

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