Panini Americana Heroes & Legends Blaster Break

I am usually a huge fan of Panini Americana and normally I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up a hobby box every year. But this year Panini opted to do something a little different, focusing on historical figures and Olympics athletes. Panini should experiment with the Americana brand as it can become stale very quickly but this year’s checklist is a lot more niche. For me, historical figures are interesting addition if they are sprinkled in a set but I am not really interested is a whole set devoted to them. Similarly I am honestly not to familiar with many of the Olympic athletes. Anyways, I didn’t want to drop $100+ on a box I am not too crazy about but a blaster, sure why not? It is guaranteed one memorabilia or autograph card.

Base cards:

Panini chose some rather unflattering pictures for a few of the athletes.


The hit:

The card is numbered 411/499. I have no idea who Eugene Richardson is but it is sweet looking card and more specifically a sweet looking swatch. But I was wondering what the swatch is of and the back is of course no help. All it says is, “The enclosed material is guaranteed by Panini America, Inc.” Which means the swatch can be anything and for all I know it can be Eugene Richardson’s PJs. It is really a troubling trend is the collectible card industry. What is Panini exactly guaranteeing???

Overall it is not as exciting of a break as year’s past but it was still a fun break. There really isn’t any cards that is going to my PC though.


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  1. I’d like to be in a Cat Osterman, Hope Solo sandwich. Having said that, I dig presidential stuff and any kind of military cards. The Richardson card is very cool, but I think it would be nice to know what that is a piece of.

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