Awesomely Bad Comics: Green Lantern Mosaic #2

It has been a crazy week thanks to Sandy but I have to considered myself one of the lucky ones. I was in one of the volunteer groups in my apartment complex and so many people need help but you only can do so much.

Anyways, this is a blog post I was working on just before the blackout.

I don’t buy comic books too often nowadays but I am always in the lookout for awesomely bad comics, comics so bad that they’re good. I have been looking for the holy grail of awesomely bad comics, The New Guardians #2 but unfortunately that issue continues to elude me but I stumbled upon another legendary awesomely bad comic, Green Lantern Mosaic #2.

In hindsight, 90’s comics had some awful art and this issue is no exception. Just look at the cover. That is a freakishly large thigh and a freakishly small foot.

It is not just the cover, throughout the issue Green Lantern (John Stewart) just looks weird.

Despite its flaws, it has it charms.

Spoiler Alert.

This issue stars Ch’p, one of the more obscure Green Lantern (for good reason too, he is a squirrel). Ch’p is ready to be a superhero again after a break but there is lingering feeling of dread. He has hit on some hard times and you begin to really feel for the guy but unfortunately this is also the issue where Ch’p dies.

The writer has some sense of humor. If you read enough comics, you would know that covers are often quite inaccurate snapshots of the issue (eg making a huge deal about insignificant details). There are a number of trucks in the issue, including one that Ch’p barely dodges and just when you would think Ch’p will have a happy ending, towards the last page Ch’p unfortunately gets flatten by you guess it, a truck. The truck was of course yellow and Green Lantern’s rings have no power over anything yellow…



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3 responses to “Awesomely Bad Comics: Green Lantern Mosaic #2

  1. boozer

    tires are not yellow. It was stupid he died. Dumb-phuk Gerard Jones

  2. I really enjoy your blog and I realise not everybody is going to share the same interpretation of a book but I just saw this post now and I have to chuck in my two bits on the subject. You seem to have missed the whole point of Mosaic. Gerard Joners and Cully Hamner created a comic book that was way ahead of its time and deliberately ‘off the wall’ for want of a better description.

    I wrote a blog post myself on Mosaic last year which you might be interested in reading:

    On the other hand – I totally agree with your summation of New Guardians! WTF was that all about?! And Milennium in general actually. I normally have a lgood admiration for Englehart and Staton but that was a bit more than even I could swallow! …And don’t even get me started on Floronic Man!! ;0)

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