2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Blaster Break at The Barclays Center

So I was at the Barclays Center for the second home game of the Brooklyn Nets at their new stadium the other day. Barclays Center is a beauty by the way and too bad it is just the same old Nets. Boy, did they choke against the Timberwolves. Anyways, Barclays Center also just happens to be across the street from the Target where I have bought cards from time to time so I couldn’t resist and pick up a blaster just before the game. Ideally I would have picked up a blaster of basketball cards but there really isn’t anything that excites me. I decided on a blaster of Goodwin Champions which does have a number of basketball players in its checklist.

I also thought there couldn’t be a better time for a break than at halftime. Perhaps it is the first pack of “basketball” cards open at the stadium??

Some of my favorite cards I pulled:

As I said it my previous blaster break of Goodwin Champions, I just love the names on the checklist. I am huge fans of Alistair Overeem, Hulk Hogan and Hakeem Olajuwon. Where else can you pull cards of those three in the same product. OK maybe Allen and Ginter. The Steve Carlton Lady Luck mini is pretty sweet too (even though I can’t stand the Phillies).

Special thanks to Hannah who got me these awesome heroclix figures and a hobby Fleer pack of WWE Royal Rumble. I got something pretty cool on the way to show my appreciation.

The Sue Storm figure is a promo and it makes me what to build the Fantastic Four team. Just one thing is stopping me though. I am kind of missing a Thing figure and you can’t have a Fantastic Four team without the Thing.

Wow the WWE pack is quite the throwback. I miss when packs weren’t so monotonous.


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  1. HT

    you’re very welcome! was great watching games with you in New York 🙂

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