Target’s Extreme Value Magic: The Gathering Repack

I was back at Target the other day to restock my kitchen and of course I had to swing by the card aisle. I was considering buying a Panini blaster but I picked up one of Target’s Extreme Value Magic: The Gathering Repack instead. I read on Reddit that some had luck with these in the past but unfortunately the selection of these repacks weren’t nearly as exciting.

My repack has:
Legion Aloft Intro Pack from the Alara Reborn Set
Dead Ahead Intro Pack from the Alara Reborn Set
Shadowmoor Tournament Pack (which I opened on the way back)
A bunch of lands

Target Extreme Value Magic The Gathering Repack

I wasn’t playing MTG during the Shadowmoor and Alara blocks so I don’t have many cards from those sets. But of them I really only wanted the Shadowmoor Tournament Pack. Like most older Magic sets you can’t get these anymore and I need a couple cards from the set namely the Shadowmoor dual lands and Kitchen Finks. Of course, I got a stinker of a pack. My three rares of the pack is worth about $0.75 in total.

The Intro Packs’ rares aren’t worth that much more but there are a couple of useful uncommons and commons. The Path of Exile may just be the most valuable card in the repack.

Looking at the bright side of things I did get three splashy foils for my foil cube

and I also got just enough cards to be inspired to build the Modern Living End deck…


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  1. When I went to my Target a month or so ago, the repack had one of the Commander Decks in it (Political Puppets it was) along with an Eventide, New Phyrexia and Dark Ascension intro decks. Not bad for $29 bucks but the Commander Deck made it a must buy for me. I have gone back with filling in old sets as far as the original Ravnica even though I got out of MtG the last time during Kamigawa block…

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