Awesomely Bad Comics: The New Guardians #2

I finally got my hands on a copy of The New Guardians #2 (The 80’s one). It is quite an infamous issue and one comic I have been looking everywhere in New York City for, including New York Comic Con (since I don’t really feel like paying $3.99 shipping for one comic). It is probably one of the worst comics ever printed and that is probably one of the reason why is so hard to find. I have to thank my brother for tracking it down.

So why do I want a comic that could easily be in the Top 10 worst comics of all time. I don’t think I can articulate it better than this but I can try. In a nutshell, The New Guardians is a superhero group organized by the Guardians of the Universe (the same guys of the Green Lantern storyline) and they are tasked to procreate/ give birth to the next generation of superbeings or something like that. Crazy I know. But they are face with issues like AIDS (which one member caught while fighting an AIDS vampire). Also the fact one of the members is gay, one is a floating head and another one is the Floronic Man sort of put a wrench in things. The superheroes themselves are quite stereotypical and the dialogue is SOOOO cheesey. The continuity suffers page to page and random storylines pop up randomly without reason. Also The New Guardians sort of die in this issue but they magically pop right back up after being shot without much of an explanation. Despite that, its flaws are its greatest strength. In other words this comic is so bad that is so awesomely awesome sort of like those B- Movies that MST3K loves to make fun of.

Oh did I mention the villain of this issue is Snowflame, who actually gets his super strength from snorting a ton of cocaine.

He is so badass that I wish he didn’t die in the explosives shed right next to his swimming pool. I can honestly say they will never be a character like Snowflame again.


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