2012 Panini Black Friday Packs

This year I was able to get three Panini Black Friday packs. I picked up a Panini Signature Series Baseball box to get them and I hope to have that box break in the next day or so.

Anyways to be honest, I haven’t been that excited about most of the collectible card products out the last few years (especially from Panini) but in my opinion Panini Black Friday packs has everything for a fun pack break. Monotony has been a problem for me in box breaks but that is not the case for these packs. It has a diverse base set from various sports, a number of inserts and a bunch exciting hits to crossed your fingers for. There are only 2 cards per pack but each card I pulled had a different design.

My pulls:

The Mike Trout rookie card is numbered 76/599. I would have been pretty happy with just that but that is only five or six cards. The last card is this.

That is a Robert Griffin III NFL Draft jersey card. Not bad I say.

All in all, Panini really succeeded in making these packs feel special and I think getting a couple of Panini Black Friday packs is going to be a Black Friday tradition for me.



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2 responses to “2012 Panini Black Friday Packs

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  2. Great pulls on the Trout & RGIII! Been jonesing to open some of these myself, but boxes of Panini stuff is too rich for my blood.

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