2003 Topps Shoe Box Collection

I have been looking for something interesting to break and finally a Topps Shoe Box Collection caught my eye. It has 12 packs per box (3 packs per decade, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s) with 8 cards per pack (each with gum). The gimmick of the Topps Shoe Box Collection (other than the fact it is package is a “shoe box”) is a protective display case with 4 original cards, one from each of the decades.

Here is how it is packaged.

2003 Topps Shoe Box

Topps Shoe Box

It seems that every box has a complete set of 96 cards and my box topper has a 1959 Zeke Bella, a 1968 Bruce Howard, a 1977 Chris Chambliss and a 1988 Don Sutton, which is an interesting and random group of players. The Zeke Bella is currently the second oldest card I own.

Anyways, I think Topps should come out with a similar product every year during the holidays. It would be perfect for someone shopping for a gift for a sports collectors who seemingly has everything. The protective display case with some “vintage cards” is quite unique and not too many collectors can say they have many of these in their collection. Worst comes to worst, you can always unscrew the display case and replace the cards with four of your favorite cards. Magic: The Gathering has came out with a holiday box this year with a couple of packs, an exclusive promo card, a box to hold cards and stickers and dividers to organize the cards. It seems that the Magic Holiday Box is selling quite well so maybe Topps can learn a thing or two from Wizards.

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  1. jason

    What are the box dimensions for this product?

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