2012 Topps WWE Heritage Hobby Box Break

I had the itch to bust a box of something the other day so after work I swung by my local card shop. Looking around, I didn’t really feel like dropping $120+ and hope to pick up something half that. That box happens to be a 2012 Topps WWE Heritage hobby box.

2012 Topps WWE Heritage is base on the 1985 design and the base set is a good mix of past and current superstars.

2012 Topps WWE Heritage Base

I also pulled two parallels.

Shawn Michaels Black Kamala Gold Parallel

A black parallel is one per box and pulling a Shawn Michaels’ one is just about as good as it gets. The gold parallel is a lot rarer at 1:126. Like most sports cards, wrestling products tend to have a ton of parallels of all colors of the rainbow. Making them a lot rarer makes them more special in my opinion.

I think it is safe to say the strength of this product is the inserts.

2012 Topps WWE Heritage Inserts

2012 Topps WWE Heritage Allen and Ginter

There are a ton of inserts (two per pack) celebrating all aspects of WWE history, finishers, catch phrases, tag teams, wrestling families, etc etc. My favorite of the bunch is definitely the Mankind Allen and Ginter mini.

Each box is guaranteed two hits and I managed to pull an autograph.

Papa Shango Auto Kofi Kingston Mem

Honestly the hobby box hits checklist (especially the autos) really isn’t that impressive. In fact the retail side seems stronger but the odds are of course astronomical. But I have a pretty good box especially when you factor in the parallels. For the record, I never knew that Papa Shango and The Godfather was the same wrestler.

All in all, it is fun break for wrestling fans and for someone looking to bust a box of something in the $60 range. Just don’t expect to pull any money cards. The only chase of the product is probably the 1/1 Jerry the King Lawler sketches.



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5 responses to “2012 Topps WWE Heritage Hobby Box Break

  1. These are great looking cards with lots of cool inserts, but the hits seem to be pretty weak all around.

  2. Im a huge fan of this set! Topps really got it right on this one. Great review and post.

  3. HT

    Papa Shango! gosh. lots of oldschool names from when it was WWF

  4. Scott

    Hits are pretty weak, but the I’ve been really impressed with the mix of wrestlers. Always good when you have an Andre the Giant insert set. Just a fun pack to open.

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