My Latest Baseball Card Project: Switch Pitchers Protective Card Display

So I got this protective card display from a box of 2003 Topps Shoe Box Collection a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty cool but the cards were rather… let’s say random.

Topps Shoe Box

So I kind of wanted to replace all four cards for cards I actually collect. I also I wanted a theme to them. One thing I always have been fascinated with is switch pitchers since they are so rare so I replaced the four cards with these cards.

Switch Pitchers Autographs

switch pitchers back display

1973 Topps Bert Campaneris Signed TTM – Bert Campaneris once threw a minor league game left handed and right handed. His 1973 Topps card is prefect for this display because it was mention as a fun fact on the back.

1987 Topps Greg Harris Signed TTM – Greg Harris is the only pitcher to have thrown with both hands in a major league game in the modern era. Unfortunately I didn’t have many 1980’s cards lying around at the time (or ever) and this was the first card I found of his. He is a must for any switch pitcher collection.

2009 Pat Venditte Bowman Chrome Refractor Autograph 453/500 – If I am not mistaken, Pat Venditte is currently the only switch pitcher in professional baseball right now. He working his way up the Yankees minor league system and probably the best shot for the next switch pitcher in the majors. I just wanted the just the best autograph I can get of his and this Bowman Chrome card is a beauty.

2006 BBM 2nd Version Yu Darvish Card – It was kind of tough to find the fourth card so I have this Yu Darvish card to hold the place for now. It is not a Yu Darvish card you see every day but unfortunately it is not the rookie card (in the Japanese League) but the 1st year card. I read an article recently that Yu Darvish regularly throws with both hands in practice but it is highly unlikely he will do so in a major league game.

If you think you have a card that would be perfect for the fourth card in the display I am totally open for a trade. It doesn’t have to be Yu Darvish as there are other players that you can argue were switch pitchers but I kind of want an autograph since the other three are signed.


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