2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling Box Break

Today I have box of 2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling to bust. It is guaranteed 5 autographs per box. Here is how it is packaged if your curious.

Leaf Originals Wrestling

The five autos I pulled are Scott Hall, Superstar Billy Graham, Rick Steiner, Koko B. Ware and Bruno Sammartino.

2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling Autographs

Scott Hall is a parallel numbered 34/99 and probably the only card not for trade.

Leaf Originals definitely takes a page out of Sportkings’ book but in my opinion it is a way better value. Sportkings has some sick hits but boxes run for more than than a box of Leaf Originals and it is not even guaranteed an autograph. Knowing my luck, of course I am stuck with just a memorabilia card for a $100+ box. Anyways with the art and the unorthodox size, I always love the feel of Sportkings cards. They just feel more special than say what Topps, Upper Deck and Panini is coming out with in general.

As you can see from the picture of the box, there is a sticker over where is says 5 autographed cards per box and I was curious enough to peel away the sticker.

2012 Leaf Orginals Wrestling box

So at some point there were 6 autographs per box and when they changed it they decided to just put a sticker over it instead of I guess printing new boxes. Kind of amateurish I think but not a big deal.



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5 responses to “2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling Box Break

  1. Scott

    Nice looking set, may have to get a box.

  2. hannah

    Scott Hall! one of my favorites back then. y’know who I miss the most? Bret the Hitman

  3. Jeff

    If you’d be willing to sell all these cards including the Scott Hall, let me know and email me a total price.

  4. lonestarr

    Wow, that’s a pretty great box!

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