Magic: The Gathering Box Break – Zendikar

For my first box break of 2013, I picked up a box of Zendikar. I have been hearing whispers that Star City may drop Legacy in their Open Series and it is no secret that Wizards has been trying to push the Modern format. I love Legacy but I don’t think I want to invest to much in that format so instead I will aim to pick up some Modern staples. A box of Zendikar should be a good start. I paid $150 for it and hope to make my money back.

Zendikar Box

The primary draw to Zendikar is the fetch lands. It has been confirmed that they won’t be reprinted in Modern Masters and it is one of the pricer Modern staples. (Sorry for the blurry pics but it seems that my scanner does want to cooperate with me today.)

Zendikar Fetchlands

It is interesting that I pulled another Verdant Catacombs. I have like 9 Catacombs now. Not that I am complaining but I still haven’t pulled a Misty Rainforest (the most valuable of the fetch lands).

The other draw is the full art lands and a box is pretty much guaranteed 36 of them. They run about $1 each so that is $36 right there.

Zendikar Full Art Lands

So are some other Modern staples. I really needed the Bloodghast.

Zendikar Modern Staples

I also got a couple of good Commander cards like Oracle of Mul Daya, Oran- Rief, the Vastwood and Sorin Markov, a couple of good foils like Emeria Angel, Punishing Fire and Blade of Bloodchief and a couple of good uncommons like Hedron Crab. They are all worth $1- $3, some maybe a tad more. So all in all I about made my money back and boosted my Modern collection, just before Modern season and it was definitely a fun break, especially that I got a game of sealed in with the box.


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  1. davecotton1

    Thanks for the article. Like the illustrations. These cards look like a good acquisition.

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