Target Guaranteed Autograph Basketball Repack Break

I picked up this repack with 10 packs of 2007- 08 Topps Basketball and 1 guaranteed autograph at Target. I have a ton of 2007- 08 Topps Basketball cards so I am not really expecting much but you never know.

The guaranteed autograph is a Rare Form Dahntay Jones from Skybox Limited Edition 184/350. At least Jones is still in the NBA. I have in the past pulled autographs of prospects who never played or played like 10 games in the NBA. Perhaps I can trade this autograph trade it for something I collect…

Dahntay Jones Autograph

As I said I broke a ton of 2007- 08 Topps Basketball packs so I pretty much have doubles, triples of all the cards already. But here are some of better rookie and inserts.

Topps Basketball cards

I pulled three more Joakim Noah’s rookie cards. Fun fact if I recall correctly. Joakin Noah was drafted with one of the many Knicks draft picks they traded away in that awful Eddy Curry trade. Also it is a shame that Greg Oden never got his NBA career off the ground (pun probably not intended). He genuinely sounds like a good guy and I have like 15 copies of his rookies cards now…


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  1. Noah worried me at first but he’s turned into the soul of the Bulls team. An interesting guy,too.

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