Random Pack Break: Batman Heroclix

I want to do a quick pack break today and looking around the card store I wasn’t really feeling any of the packs. I really don’t want a bunch of junky base cards that will just take up space in my room so instead I picked up two packs of Batman Heroclix and a pack of The Dark Knight Rises Heroclix. Honestly I don’t really play Heroclix anymore but I would love to if I can find a hobby store where people play. I might have to relearn all the rules though. Either way I just love the sculpts.

So in my packs of Batman Heroclix I pulled Nightwing and Bruce Wayne.

Nightwing Heroclix

Bruce Wayne Heroclix

I can’t say I’m too excited about Nightwing and the sculpt is kind of boring. If I played Heroclix, the one thing I noticed right away is that Nightwing has a Police team ability instead of the Batman one, which is interesting but makes him more of support figure with a high cost. Bruce Wayne on the other hand is a very interesting figure with a ton of good abilities like Perplex and Telekinesis and I can see him as a crucial support figure in any team. What is also interesting is that Bruce Wayne has three different versions (I think) each with very different abilities.

So the pack of The Dark Knight Rises happens to be the Marquee Figure of the set and that figure is Batman himself.

Dark Knight Rises Heroclix

The eyes are kind of weird but the sculpt is not bad overall (but it does cover the stats). You really can’t have enough Batman figures. Batman has an unique ability to get the Police team ability if you have Commissioner Gordon on the team. I don’t own the newer Gordon figures but I do have his first figure from Hypertime so maybe I have just assembled a neat little team to take advantage of this Police team ability.


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