2012 Topps WWE Heritage Blaster Break

The hobby box of 2012 Topps WWE Heritage was a fun break so I picked up a blaster today. I have a complete set already (plus some doubles) but it is guaranteed a relic card and I can still pull some of the inserts I’m missing.

The Base Cards:

More 2012 WWE Heritage Base

I pulled another Yokozuna base card so I can have one for my PC and one to complete the base set which is always nice.


More 2012 WWE Heritage Inserts

I pulled another Mankind Allen and Ginter mini which makes it easier to trade.

The hit of the blaster is packaged separately from the packs which is kind of no fun. The relic card is a Wrestlemania XXVII mat relic of the Big Show.

Big Show Wrestlemania Mat Relic Card

I find Big Show’s character kind of stale. He needs to refreshen his gimmick kind of like what Kane has done.

Always again comparing the two WWE products for sale, the hits are better in 2012 Topps WWE but in my opinion, 2012 Topps WWE Heritage is a lot more fun to open. I just love the quirky throwback inserts and I was never a fan of Topps recycling their base set design of the year across all their products. It just makes the base set monotonous and an afterthought. The last WWE Heritage came out I believe four years ago and I think it keeps it somewhat fresh if Topps continues to release them every four years or so.


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  1. Hannah

    Jake the Snake! Mullet!

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