Random Repack Break: 20 Wrestling Packs for $20!

K-Mart just restocked the card aisle and I left with this repack with 20 wrestling packs. I just realize I have been buying a lot of wrestling cards as of late. I guess there really isn’t anything that excites me so far when it comes to baseball or basketball cards. 2013 Topps Baseball just came out though so that is probably my next break in some form or another.

Here are the packs:
5 Topps WWE Platinum
5 2010 Topps WWE
4 Fleer WWF Wrestlemania
3 Fleer WWF All Access
1 Fleer WWE Wrestlemania XX
1 Tristar TNA Impact
1 Topps WCW/ NWO

Wrestling Repack 1

wrestling repack 2

wrestling repack 3

I just love wrestling cards from the 90’s and early 00’s. Baseball and basketball cards tend to have flashy and over the top designs during this era and they work so much better for wrestling cards. It was kind a walk on memory lane as I rooted for many of these wrestlers when I was a kid.

Oh I kind of pulled a hit…

Stacy Keibler Redemption Card

and it is a redemption. A redemption that expired 10 years ago from a company that is no longer in business. This is why I just hate redemptions. The Stacy Keibler event used card would have been a sweet hit and all I have is this proxy.



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4 responses to “Random Repack Break: 20 Wrestling Packs for $20!

  1. quasar

    Does Gail Kim count for the PC?

  2. Yea I hear ya @lonestarr. I bought a ton of those TNA cards too and I have a ton of those awful tattoo inserts.

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