Awesomely Awesome Comics: Star Wars Tales #19

I did a couple of awesomely bad comics posts so it is time to do an awesomely awesome comic. Like so many comics that I want to collect, this comic was quite difficult to find. I suspect Star Wars Tales #19 had a low print run. The trade it was reprinted in was also quite hard to find. But it just all adds to the thrill of the hunt.

Star Wars Tales 19

So what makes this an awesomely awesome comic book? From the cover, it is billed with the Han Solo story you thought you’d never see and it has somewhat become a comic urban legend. The Han Solo story, Into the Great Unknown is sort of a (non- cannon) Indiana Jones/ Star Wars crossover.

Crossovers are usually kind of cheesey and formulaic but this crossover is in my opinion, ingenious. So the story starts with Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Millenium Falcon is quite a hairy situation and they were forced to go into hyperspace blind. They ended up time traveling back and crashing into Earth only to be attacked by American Indians. Han Solo dies in the attack but Chewbacca lives and became the Sasquatch aka Bigfoot.

Star Wars Into the Great Unknown

126 years later, Indiana Jones is tracking down this monster, only to stumble upon the crash landing of the Millenium Falcon and the body of Han Solo.

Star Wars Into the Great Unknown 2

This would have been a way better story than the last Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


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  1. That’s pretty cool. I haven’t been into newer comics in years so I missed this one.

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