Pics and Scans from the 2013 MMA World Expo

Since MMA is still sort of illegal in New York, every year MMA World Expo is the biggest MMA event in New York City and I do notice every year it is getting even bigger and bigger. Fingers crossed that MMA will be completely legal in New York by the time MMA World Expo rolls around again. Anyways, as usual it was a ton of fun.

Between the Renzo Gracie BJJ Open and the amateur MMA bouts, I watched a bunch of matches this past weekend.

MMA World Expo Amateur Bouts

MMA World Expo Renzo Gracie BJJ Open

I also went to the World Series of Fighting press conference.

WSoF Press Conference

The main event for their next card is Andrei Arlovski vs Anthony Rumble Johnson. I honestly can’t make up my mind who takes this but I am kind of leaning towards Arlovski because this is Rumble Johnson first fight in the Heavyweight division.

Andrei Arlovski vs Anthony Rumble Johnson

There was also a bunch of autograph signings but my brother didn’t really feel like waiting on line and I do have a decent collection of MMA fighters’ autographs so I had many of the fighters’ that were signing autographs already. But there is one fighter who I had to get an autograph of and that fighter is Uriah Hall.

Uriah Hall Autograph

Uriah Hall was the monster of this season’s The Ultimate Fighter that Dana White has been hyping. He has one of the sickest, most violent knockouts I have ever seen. He should be a favorite to win it all.


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