Testing Out the Last Pack Theory

It may just be me and statistically it shouldn’t matter but I have gotten very lucky in the past when I picked up the only remaining pack of any product (could be baseball, basketball, Magic cards, Heroclix etc) left in the store (and only that pack). This is the last pack of Captain America Heroclix at Midtown Comics so this is the perfect opportunity to test that theory out.

Captain America Heroclix

and I pulled…

Black Widow Heroclix

So Black Widow isn’t the most valuable figure but it is probably a $2-3 figure. The thing with this figure though is that it uses an old school dial and it is nearly impossible to turn. I got to look up how to remedy this. The other thing with this particular figure is that there is a little streak a red paint from her lips. I hope you can see it in the photo. It is supposed to be her lipstick but there is a bit of paint underneath her lips so it kind of looks like she is a vampire (the green eyes help) and that is what I am going with. I pulled a rare vampire Black Widow variant…


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