The Hunt for Batman Incorporated #8

First off there will be spoilers but I am sure you already heard most of them already.

Batman Incorporated #8 of course is the death of Robin, more specifically Damian Wayne. There is a lot of buzz about it and it is the hottest comic book in a long time. I usually go to my comic book store around one- ish and it was already sold out. Last week if I remember right, eBay sellers were asking as high as $30 for it. That is crazy and I hope no one will spend that much.

I admit I don’t really care too much about the death of Robin and I would have skipped over this issue if there wasn’t so much hype about it. Let face it, Damian Wayne is coming back (probably before the year is over). But the fact that so many people want it got my collector’s juices flowing and I was looking forward to the thrill of the hunt. My only rule is that I am only going to pay cover price for it. New York City is blessed with a number of comic book shops and book stores I went to a lot of them last week… and bump into a lot of people looking for the same issue… but no such luck.

Finally I came back to Midtown Comics (the biggest comic book store in New York City) yesterday when they got their second shipping and I snagged my copy. It is the first printing and yep I only paid $2.99. Sweet! Normally I am not really that patient when I make up my mind in wanting something but for this one I had no choice.

Batman Incorporated 8

I read like the first four issues of Batman and Robin (before the reboot) and it was good but I kind of lost interest. I am missing a huge part of the storyline between then and now so I really can’t give a fair review but…

I don’t want to spoil too much in case you haven’t gotten your issue yet but it is kind of sad when a hero doesn’t die in an epic battle, in a blaze of glory (the other option is a heartbreaking sacrifice). Superheros have an aura of invincibility so it would take a really formidable foe to believably stop these heroes. The Heretic (had to look that up) is no Doomsday. The battle was kind of brief. Robin’s death didn’t seem that memorable but then again I haven’t really followed the latest Batman storylines so maybe there is more to this.


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