Random Blaster Break: 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Series 2

The card aisle at the K-mart near me tripled in size. = D

So that means more discounted blasters and I picked up a blaster of 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Series 2. Honestly most of the base cards and inserts aren’t worth much so I am just hoping for a fun break and I am hoping to pull a good Team USA memorabilia card. It has been five years since this product came out so we should know by now if the Team USA player is a superstar, major leaguer or a bust.

I have most of the cards already from 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Series 2 and honestly this Presidential Predictor card is the only card worth mentioning. I was actually collecting the Presidential Predictor set and kind of got sidetracked. I really need to find them and see how close I am.

Upper Deck Presidential Predictor

If anyone needs a Alexei Ramirez or a Kosuke Fukudome rookie card, I also pulled those.

Alexei Rameriez Fukudome Rookie Cards

The hit of the box and again it is of a player in the 2007 USA Baseball National and Junior National Team is…

Seth Frankoff Upper Deck

Seth Frankoff. The name doesn’t ring a bell which is always never a good sign. Googled his name and he seems be doing OK as a reliever in Class A level of minor league baseball. He didn’t really good year last year with a line of 5-7 with a ERA of 4.83. He is still only 23 so you never know. Going to store this one away and look him up a couple of years from now.


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