Random Pack Break: Captain America Heroclix

If there is one thing I love to do when I have time to kill, it is to look through bargain bins. I found this pack of Captain America Heroclix for about half off at a discount bin in one of my local comic shop. It turned out to be five figures for $6.

Captain America Heroclix

And my pulls.

Captain America Heroclix figures

My pulls were rather dismal. They are Eel, Nightshade, Mentallo, SHIELD specialist and Yelena Belova. There are probably in total worth less than the Black Widow figure I pulled awhile ago.

I admit I don’t read a ton of Marvel comics, especially Captain America comics but I like to think I am in the know about comics in general. These are some rather obscure characters and in fact I never heard of any of these characters and needed to wiki them. Turns out Yelena Belova is one of the Black Widow and OK maybe I have read about the generic SHIELD specialist once. Of the three villains, Nightshade seems to have the most interesting storyline (like say a serum that changes people into werewolves) and superpower (super genius/ robotics expert) by far.

In fact, Nightshade’s back story intrigued me enough for me to search out for comics with some of her more prominent storylines. Unfortunately the comic book store near my work didn’t have any of the older Captain America or Power Man comics with Nightshade so I had to settle for her latest appearance in Villains for Hire.

It seems that Nightshade is one of Marvel go to supervillian/ sometimes super-heroine to fill the African- American and woman quota for the “jobber” groups. She has joined the Femizons and MODOK’s 11 in addition to Heroes for Hire. To be fair, she is portray as a supergenius which is rare for both African- America and woman comic book characters but then again in her older appearance, she looks like she came straight out of a blackexpolation film.

As for the comics, I love the Heroes for Hire vs Villains for Hire gimmick but Nightshade only appears in the cover in Villains for Hire 0.1 and she or should I say a robot of her (because she is too smart to go on these dangerous missions in person) was only the getaway pilot (aka retrieval) for the group. All in all it was a fun read and I may pick up the remaining issues in the series.

Speaking of which, I just thought of a series of Captain America comics that would be perfect for my Awesomely Bad Comic Books collection. I will see if I can pick them up and have a fun little post next week.


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