Random Blaster Break: 2012 Sage Hit Football Low Series

I rarely collect football cards but the combination of a discount blaster and two guaranteed autographs is just too tempting to pass up.

The autographs were packaged separately from the packs and with a 75 card set and a blaster having 20 packs with 5 cards per pack, you are pretty much guaranteed a set too (along with a bunch of extras). I know Sage is trying to crammed as much value in every box but it kind of beats the fun out of busting packs if collecting is too easy…

Here are the autographs.

Sage Autographs

The autographs are numbered A41 and A42 so the collation of the autographs is probably not the greatest. Again I am not the biggest football fan out there so I have no idea who Rhett Ellison or Keenan Robinson are.

Here is what a base card looks like.

Sage RG3

Sage RG3 Back

Some players have two cards with one of the backs containing the usually stats and one of the backs being kind of like a little draft profile and that is kind of neat. Again it kind of goes without saying, with 20 packs there are going to be a lot of doubles. For example, between the two Robert Griffin III cards I pulled five cards of his.

I have no regrets. This is still likely to be a better and more fun break than if I got say a random basketball blaster for $20 and pulling nothing but base cards and worthless inserts.


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