Another 20 Wrestling Packs for $20 Repack

I thought to give the 20 wrestling packs for $20 repack another go.

The packs:
3 2010 Topps WWE
1 2009 Topps WWE
1 Topps Chrome WWE Heritage III
1 Topps WWE Heritage IV
1 Topps WWE Platinum
1 Topps WWE Action
2 Raw Deal Vengeance
2 Raw Deal The Great American Bash
1 Raw Deal Divas Overload
1 Raw Deal Unforgiven
2 Fleer WWE Raw vs Smackdown
1 WCW NWO Nitro Official Trading Cards
2 WWE Dog Tags Pyrotechno Edition
1 WWE Dag Tags Ringside Relic Edition

That is quite the mix of packs. The first thing that caught my eye are the dog tags packs and I pulled.

WWE Dog Tags

The dog tags are certainly something different but let’s just say I am probably not the target market for them. Plus how many people really want a Yoshi Tatsu dog tag?

Some of base cards:

Random Wrestling Base


Random Wrestling Inserts

Of course I pulled a /999 black parallel of a jobber. The only cards that really excite me in the repack are the Allen and Ginter chrome cards even though I am not a huge fan of Rey Mysterio or Chief Jay Strongbow. I picked up bunch of random Raw Deal cards over the years and I have them scatter all over the place. I may gather them up and see if I have enough cards to play a game when I have the time. Even if I don’t, Raw Deal cards are probably really cheap. One thing I noticed is that the foil cards in Raw Deal have a different feel to them and the colors on the back are lighter compared to a regular card. I play a lot of TCGs and there is probably a way to cheat by taking advantage of this. A couple of cards may end up in my PC. I love Tajiri and Funaki back in the day even though their character are a wee bit racist some times.

Finally can anyone explain this card to me?

Raw Deal Card

Who is Frankie? Why is it Ho-llywood? Why is there a random Asian fan in foreground? Why is there a tiny little Shawn Michael to the side of him?


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One response to “Another 20 Wrestling Packs for $20 Repack

  1. Shawn

    That card is from the game Raw Deal, produced by Comic Images. If I remember correctly, Frankie Ho won the Raw Deal World Championship with a Shawn Michaels Deck. Part of the prize was a card in his honor, released in the next set.

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