Basketball Repack Break: 5 Packs, Loose Cards and One Game Used Card

The Knicks are having a historical season. The team is firing on all cylinders (OK maybe they had a few setbacks) and I am 100% they can go all the way! Honestly it has been awhile since I have been excited about any of the New York teams.

Anyways, I haven’t been able to swing by my local card store in awhile so I have been picking up a bunch of repacks lately. As always it is hit or miss but in general they are fun breaks. I picked up another repack the other day, this time I figure to get some basketball cards. At the very worst I got a new box to store some of my cards in.

Basketball Repack

This repack makes a bunch of promises. Packs, over 20 loose cards with 1 of the loose cards guaranteed to be of a star player (Wade, Melo, Kobe, Garnett, Duncan or LeBron) and one game used card. For $10, why not?

Here are a couple of the loose cards

Some Basketball cards

A lot of the loose cards are rookies of bench players, cards from college sets like Sage, a few cards from Michael Jordan sets and random base cards of stars and starters. There was also one one 1979 Topps cards. It was actually a lot better than I was expected. But this is the card that draw my attention.

Charles O Bannon  Edge Energy

It is a Charles O’ Bannon Edge Energy insert. It comes from 1997/98 Collector’s Edge Impulse Basketball, which must be a very obscure set because I have never seen or heard of it. It kind of like a cheap Sportflics card and I just love oddball cards. It is going to be an interesting addition to my collection.

The game used card is of Caron Butler.

Caron Butler Game Used

The packs:
2006 Press Pass Basketball
2005-06 Upper Deck Basketball
2006-07 Upper Deck Basketball Fat Pack
2006-07 Upper Deck Reserve
2007-08 Upper Deck First Edition

Some of cards worth mentioning from the packs.

A Couple More basketball cards

One of the Kyle Lowery cards is 261/500. I also pulled a college rookie cards of Raymond Felton. Other than that I didn’t really pull much which is to be expect from those packs.


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