2013 Topps WWE Hobby Box Break

I finally made my way to my local hobby store and took a look around. I didn’t really feel like dropping $100+ for a box I only kind of what so I decided to pick up a hobby box of 2013 Topps WWE.

2013 Topps WWE Hobby Box

Base cards:

2013 Topps WWE Base 1

2013 Topps WWE Base 2

There are a couple of “rookie” cards in this set. Fandango doesn’t have a very flattering “rookie” card but I don’t think he is complaining about his luck lately. He is probably the biggest and definitely the freshest thing in the WWE lately even though WWE has been forcing his Fandangoing as of late.


2013 Topps WWE Parallel

The silver parallels are 1:24 and the black parallels are 1:6. The Undertaker black parallel is pretty sweet.

A big part of 2013 Topps WWE is the Triple Threat inserts.

2013 Topps WWE Triple Threat

The gimmick with Triple Threat is that there is a card for three skills of a superstars and that Triple Threat 1 is rarer than Triple Threat 2 and it is a rarer than Triple Threat 3. Overall they just feel like filler. I mean why does Zack Ryder have a Triple Threat set. But to be fair the photography in this inserts set is a lot more interesting than the base set and perhaps Triple Threat could have been better as a stand alone product.

The other gimmick of the set are the Divas Snapshot fold out cards.

Eve Divas Centerfold

It is one per box pull and it is probably the coolest card I got. I think Topps should explore a Divas of year past Divas Snapshot set since the Divas division is about at an all time low. I mean take yesterday’s Raw. There are a Divas battle royal for the title with only 5 divas…

The Hits:

Sin Cara Aksana Relic Cards

My pulls in this box are pretty lame. My one per box parallel is of Ted Dibiase and my two hits are of Sin Cara and Aksana. Mistico has some breathtaking matches in Mexico in the past but lets just say his time with the WWE hasn’t exactly worked out. Looking at the SummerSlam 2012 mat relics checklist and Aksana is about last on the list of the ones I wanted the most. As for Ted Dibiase, I have no idea what he has been up to. Is he even still with the WWE?


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