Dragon’s Maze Brew: Jund Aggro with Varolz and Sire of Insanity

Here is a gimmicky Jund aggro deck that I threw together to play with some of the new cards from Dragon’s Maze. This deck can easily be converted for the Return to Ravnica block format.

Jund Aggro:
4x Lotleth Troll
4x Spike Jester
3x Gyre Sage
4x Dreg Mangler
2x Vampire Nighthawk
2x Varolz, the Scar-Striped
4x Ghor-Clan Rampager
2x Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch
3x Sire Of Insanity

3x Putrefy
1x Dreadbore
3x Farseek
1x Gruul Keyrune

4x Blood Crypt
4x Dragonskull Summit
4x Overgrown Tomb
4x Woodland Cemetery
1x Stomping Ground
2x Rootbound Crag
2x Cavern of Souls
2x Kessig Wolf Run
1x Forest

3x Appetite for Brains
2x Cremate
3x Golgari Charm
2x Olivia Voldaren
3x Pillar of Flame
2x Vampire Nighthawk

Here is the deck on Tappedout.net

Dragon's Maze Jund

The basic gameplan is to sculpt a superior board position and play a Sire of Insanity to seal the deal. It is a bit slower than the traditional Jund aggro decks and I admit in testing it can get awkward as it is kind of a mash between the Jund aggro and Jund control decks but there are a lot of tricks, synergies and shenanigans built into this list. For example Varolz works quite well with Exava and Gyre Sage.

The list is probably not optimal (ie not playing a set of Falkenrath Aristocrats) but it uses a lot of the new cards I wanted to play with and I am going to give it a roll for a FNM.


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