Random MTG Pack Break: Planar Chaos

In hindsight, Time Spiral is probably my favorite Magic: The Gathering block ever. It had a very interesting past, present and future gimmick and because of New World Order, there will never be another block like it again. Unfortunately I was starting college about when Time Spiral came out so I didn’t buy many packs. Of course there are a bunch of cards from the block that are worth a pretty penny nowadays.

Planar Chaos is the second set of the block and it has the alternate present gimmick. In Magic there are five colors of magic and there is the color pie which defines what each color can do. Planar Chaos distorts the color pie with “reprints” of cards in a different color. For the record, Time Spiral celebrated the past with reprints that many players would have never dream of seeing again and Future Sight teased the future with crazy cards with crazy mechanics, many bending what players deemed possible at the time. Because of that, this block has a lot cards that unique and again Wizards will never do anything like it again because one of the downside of the past, present and future mechanic was that this was perhaps one of the more complex block they ever printed. But for Johnnies like me, we embrace cards that are quirky and unlike any other.

Anyways, I was at a card shop the other day and I saw a packs of Planar Chaos for sale. They cost like double what I normally would pay for a pack but it was just too tempting. I had to bust one pack just for the heck of it.

Planar Chaos Pack

The pack:

Planar Chaos Slivers

Silvers are one of the more beloved creature in Magic and they are going to be back in Magic 2014!

Planar Chaos Cards

Examples of the alternate present gimmick. Who would have thought Wizards would print a black counterspell or a blue removal spell?

More Planar Chaos Cards

More examples of the crazy cards in the block.

Benalish Commander

My rare is Benalish Commander. It is worth $1.50, not exactly a junk rare. My brother may use it in his token Commander deck.

If this was a booster draft, pack 1, pick 1 I would probably pick the Sliver. Benalish Commander is good but not really impactful enough and I would love to force a Slivers deck.


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