Random Pack Break: Fleer WWE Absolute Divas & WWE Raw Deal Divas Overload

I was thinking about picking up either a box of Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles or the new Superman product from Cryptozoic but I talked myself out of it. I need to save up some cash for Grand Prix: Providence and I am really dropping $60-$90 for just a sketch card. So instead I picked up a couple interesting wrestling packs.

It wasn’t too long along the Divas division in the WWE was at its zenith and now it is pretty much an afterthought. AJ Lee is pretty much the only saving grace IMO. With that in mind, here are two packs from yesteryear, celebrating a better time for the Divas division, Fleer WWE Absolute Divas & WWE Raw Deal Divas Overload.

Absolute Divas & Divas Overload

Fleer WWE Absolute Divas

Absolute Divas Pack 1

Absolute Divas Pack 2

Fleer WWE Absolute Divas is kind of a oddball pack. It was released in 2002 but it has a very strong 90’s feel about them. One of its gimmicks is a guarantee mini poster per pack. If the Kurt Angle mini poster is any indication, they were very poorly done. Since Fleer probably stretched out the image of the base cards for the mini posters, it turned out kind of blurry.

WWE Raw Deal Divas Overload

Divas Overload Pack 1

Divas Overload Pack 2

I actually learned how to play WWE Raw Deal card game and it turns out it is a lot of fun! The cards are hard to find (since they are long out of print) so every pack I get are welcome additions to my collection. My brother and I managed to build deck around Gail Kim & Molly Holly, Right to Censor and Chris Benoit. I also recently pulled ECW’s FBI card and I am excited to build a deck around them. I have to go through this pack carefully but I hope to pull some cards for at least my Gail Kim & Molly Holly deck.


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