An Almost Awesomely, Awesome Comic: Penny For Your Soul

Penny For Your Soul is a somewhat obscure comic by Big Dog Ink. It has a lot of things going for it. A catchy, memorable title, gorgeous covers and an interesting premise.

I will try to avoid spoiling too much but there will be spoilers ahead.

As I was saying, the covers are bright, vibrant and it definitely catches your eye.

Penny For Your Soul

The interior art is solid for the most part too.

Penny For Your Soul 4

A few things that I find kind of disappointing. Sometimes the dialogue is a bit cheesey and I also noticed a couple of typos like this…

Penny For Your Soul Panel

I am missing a couple of issues at the moment but I think I got the gist of it. So Danica is the granddaughter of the Devil, Lucifer himself and she decides to open up a casino in where else Sin City (Las Vegas) with Mary Magdalene. They offer patrons a “unique” offer of $10,000 to gamble or spend at the casino for the small price of your soul. Basically it is a black market soul trade and it is quite successful. In this issue above #4, Jesus who is preparing for the Rapture locks up Danica on aggravated assault charges so she can have some time to clear her head and join the good guys. But from the panel above, you can figure out how well that went. Honestly the series could have been a episode or two of Supernatural and I love the show Supernatural.

It is actually a shame Big Dog Ink decided to take the easy route and go for the risque route. If they decided to go down the more mainstream route by toning down the more risque elements (eg some of their variant covers) and religious overtones, with the interesting modern take of the old tale of selling you soul and with the refreshing take on the battle between Heaven and Hell it could have been fun comic for a larger audience.

Sure the comic series has it flaws but its show a lot of promise especially from an independent publisher. All in all, it is an addictive, whimsical tale that I fully enjoyed reading. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for future issues.


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