Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Comic Book Set 2 Box Break

If you ask me what are my three favorite TV shows right now, I would probably have to say Doctor Who, Supernatural and The Walking Dead. Probably roughly in that order.

Anyways, I was saving up for the Wizard World Comic Con NYC Experience. There were a number of exciting signings. Among them, there were five The Walking Dead actors and actresses including Norman Reedus. The problem was I did the math and it would be quite expensive. It is $55 just to get in for Saturday and it is about $40 each for the Walking Dead autographs. My brother is broke so I probably would have to pay for his entrance fee too. So I am at a minimum of $300 but I can safety say I probably would spend closer to $400. So I may the tough decision to skip this one and just save up for the big one, New York Comic Con.

But as many of you collectors know when you psyche yourself up, you have that itch. So I took some of the money I saved up and picked up a box of the new The Walking Dead cards from Cryptozoic. When the first set came out and when the one for the TV show came out, I wasn’t a huge fan of The Walking Dead yet. I was kind of on the fence of picking up a box and sure enough when I finally talk myself into getting one they were all sold out.

The Walking Dead Box

The Base Cards:

The Walking Dead Base

The base set is made up of full art cards in color which is a good choice in my opinion since a frame, logos or whatever would just distract from the art. I believe they are all covers too but don’t quote me on that.

Inserts and Parallels:

The Walking Dead Parallel

The Walking Dead Inserts

I am normally not a fan of foiled parallels since I usually find them boring but the rainbow foil looks real good with the Walking Dead art. I think the inserts are for the signature weapons and quotes from the comics which is a neat idea.

The sketch card:

The Walking Dead Sketch Card

It is by Craig Boldman and it is a nice shot of Rick and Carl. But honestly I was kind of hoping for an epic action shot with zombies.

Anyways, my brother and I picked up a bunch of random issues and trades from bargain bins at New York Comic Con before the TV show so we have quite the collection in a box. (You will never find The Walking Dead issues in bargain bins anymore.) I admit unfortunately I never really got to read them all. Sure I read random issues here and there but there are just so much issues out already and it is kind of overwhelming and hard to figure where to even start. I am familiar with the comic book storylines though and have been picked the comics consistently since issue #100. The latest story arc has been really good and I can’t recommend it enough.


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