2012 Leaf Basketball Blaster Break

Blasters of 2012 Leaf Basketball are guaranteed two autographs. I just couldn’t resist. It also has 12 packs with 6 cards each.

The Base Cards:

2012 Leaf Basketball Base

There is really not much to be said but 2012 Leaf Basketball is a strong product for a non- licensed / college basketball product. The cards look good but 2012 Leaf Basketball honestly probably will be forgotten about in the collecting world in the long run. Still I welcome such non- licensed/ college basketball products to fill that small niche. They are often a breathe of fresh air when it comes to collecting. One weird thing though about the base set is that they are not numbered 1,2,3… but instead numbered like BB1 which makes it kind of a pain to build the set.

The Autographs:

Marquis Teague and Daruis Johnson Odom Autograph

My autographs are Darius Johnson-Odom and Marquis Teague which aren’t the most exciting pulls in the world but you never know. I don’t mind holding on to these and perhaps in a few years I can dig them back out and say “Sweet I do own an autographs of this guy”. Also probably not worth mentioning and it is probably the norm now but the autographs are packed seperately from the packs.

I have been meaning to break a blaster of 2012 Leaf Basketball for some time now but the K-Mart only have them for sale just recently. Leaf products in general have huge highs and huge lows which is to be expected from the other companies aside from the big three (Topps, UD, Panini). It is always a fun break and plus I can’t get repacks all the time…


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