Random Pack Break: Basketball Rookie Graded Cards Series 2

The NBA draft is tonight so I thought I should open something basketball. I actually find the whole business side of basketball (the draft, the salary cap, trades etc) almost as interesting and as entertaining as the games themselves. It looks like this offseason is going to be as crazy as the last few years especially with the Celtics looking to shake things up.

I opened a pack of Basketball Rookie Graded Cards Series 1 not too long ago and I just happen to stumble upon a pack of Series 2.

Basketball Graded Rookie Card Series 2

The lineup for Series 2 is Kobe Bryant, Stephon Marbury, Tim Duncan, Marcus Camby, Keith Van Horn and Shareef Abdur-Rahim. So Series 2 may have bigger stars than Series 1 in Kobe and Duncan but Series 1 has a deeper roster. If all the cards have equal odds, I have 2 in 6 chance of pulling something good with this pack. I just really, really hope I don’t pull a Stephon Marbury.

Mmmm…of course it has to be Stephon Marbury.

Stephon Marbury Gem Mint

Stephon Marbury Gem Mint Back

As a Knicks fan, there are few names I never ever want to hear. Stephon Marbury and Isiah Thomas are up there. I have never seen any superstar in any team be such a diva. Of course, the Stephon Marbury trade is Isiah Thomas’s first big move as Knicks president. Ugh so many bad memories.

I have pulled a number of Stephon Marbury cards so I have quite the collection of cards that I don’t want…


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