The Dark Knight Rises vs Superman Man of Steel Heroclix Packs

I wasn’t expecting much because I have read like a million different Batman and Superman comics but Batman/ Superman #1 was actually quite good. The art is simply stunning and I am definitely interested in seeing what happens next. I have the blank variant and I am hoping to get a sick Batman/ Superman sketch at New York Comic Con.

Anyways, I had some loose change to burn so I decided to pick up a Heroclix pack of The Dark Knight Rises and a pack of Superman Man of Steel to have a little pack battle.

I manage to pull the title character of their respective comic/ movie blockbuster, Superman and Bruce Wayne.

Superman and Bruce Wayne Heroclix

As expect Superman has a rainbow dial of abilities. He can dish out some pain and he is hard to kill. One interesting about this figure is it can be a 100 or a 200 point figure. At a quick glance, it seems the 100 point figure is the better bargain between the two. Bruce Wayne on the other hand is a good support character with defend with 18 defense and outwit. He also can transform into the Batman in his last two clicks but unfortunately I don’t own that particular Batman figure at the moment. Perhaps maybe they work well as a team? They usually do anyways… eventually.

Anyways I rarely play Heroclix anymore and I usually just collect them for the sculpts. Bruce Wayne has a very boring sculpt so I guess Superman wins this round. But Superman has the googly eyes look that many sculpts have so it is hard to take him seriously. I admit though like in the comic books there is also like a million different versions of Superman and Batman in Heroclix over the years so it hard to be excited pulling yet another one. What I am excited about though is the Bioshock Infinite Heroclix figures but they keep pushing back the release date.


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