MTG Brewer: Naya Hexproof/ Auras Post- Rotation

I have been saving up for the All Star Fanfest, a celebrity softball challenge at MCU Park and the midnight prerelease of Magic 2014 all on Friday so I kind of have been avoiding the card store. But I do have time to brew and I have been thinking about decks post Innistrad block/ Magic 2013 rotation. One of my favorite decks lately has been Bant Hexproof but a lot of pillars of deck like Geist of St Traft, Invisible Stalker and Rancor are rotating but I think something similar can still be viable. Something like this.

Naya Hexproof/ Auras:

4 Gladecover Scout
4 Elvish Mystic
3 Fencing Ace
4 Voice of Resurgence
4 Witchstalker

4 Ethereal Armor
4 Madcap Skills
4 Unflinching Courage
4 Boros Charm
3 Ajani, Caller of the Pride

4 Temple Garden
4 Sacred Foundry
4 Stomping Ground
A mix of Theros dual lands

Naya Hexproof

I haven’t gotten past the brewing process and haven’t tested it but I imagine this deck packing quite the punch. There probably aren’t enough auras in the deck. Other auras I did considered are Alpha Authority, Holy Mantle and Gift of Orzhova but they may be too slow. But the odds are good that there is going to be something for this deck in Theros. Some have speculated that this could be an enchantment matters block and auras have gotten stronger in general so this deck has the potential to be quite good.



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11 responses to “MTG Brewer: Naya Hexproof/ Auras Post- Rotation

  1. ive been running something similar with current standard cards in it but i too believe this will be the main way to build auras post rotation. at the very least the scouts and witch stalkers will be a staple along with ethereal armor and unflinching courage. right now naya is the most plausible due to madcap skills but its also possible that theros could release any number of enchanments which would make junk, naya or bant potentialy the most viable

  2. This looks promising for a bit of a rogue deck – What do you think of trollhide in place of voice?

    • Trollhide is a little on the expensive for the type of auras you want and you probably won’t be able to keep 2 mana open for regeneration. Instead of voice I would probably play Fiendslayer Paladin and maybe cut some Gladecover Scout for more ramp. Theros is confirmed to be an enchantment block so there are probably some sweet auras in it.

      • That’s true – I’ve already got my playsets of hexproof chaps in anticipation! Playing ghost pants decks for a little while now, I’ve really been hating those forced sac effects and untargetted boardwipes, but hopefully there will be some better methods than regenerate to mitigate them- Sometimes it’s just a case of aiming to reach critical mass by turn 3/4 before the sweep comes down.

    • I have been playing Bant hexproof before it was a popular so I have gotten pretty good at piloting the deck. Avacyn Pilgrims are very important against cards like Devour Flesh. I also like to use Selesnya Charm to flash in a knight against them. Cards like Far//Away and Barter in Blood are slower so if you have a slow hand you can’t commit too much to the board. The new card is Celestial Flare but since it cost WW you can usually tell if an opponent has one. The two ways to play against it is attack with a Pilgrim and hope they don’t know you can use the flare after damage is dealt (which wouldn’t work against the Geist of St Traft anyways if you attack with a pilgrim because of the angel) or attack with a Stalker. Against U/W/x deck with Supreme Verdicts or Glaring Spotlight + removal, I love Mending touch. It is not a good card but it works. I survived a Supreme Verdict followed by Snapcaster into Supreme Verdict with two Mending Touches. there is a link to my latest Bant Hexproof list in the blog post. .

  3. Thanks for the generous advice! I’m actually really hoping to cram in a set of imposing sovereigns and some pacifisms or abundant growth before it rotates because they still boost ethereal armour, but generally I’m really getting to like playing hexproof. I played a lot of kiln fiend in modern, which works a bit like nivix blitz with a bit of control thrown in, and I’ve found that it’s a bit hit and miss – a failed run on hitting the 20 damage in one sweep doesn’t actually make any permanent change to the board state after the end of the turn whereas a bunch of enchantments piled on top of a dude has a bit more staying power. The mending touches seem interesting though as a sideboard option though.

  4. Fartus

    Hmm… why the Ajani’s? I can’t see what they do for you deck, but maybe I’m missing something?

    • It is mainly for the double strike and flying ability. If you are playing the gladecover scout you are going to need as many double strike abilities to close out games. It can easily be replaced if there is/ are better auras after rotation.

  5. MakeMyDay

    Hello everyone,
    I have started building Naya Auras to take it to this weeks FNM because I also think that the deck has much potential to be great after the rotation.

    Here is my current list i will be trying:

    4x Avacyn’s Pilgrim -> going to be Elvish Mystic (M14)
    4x Gladecover Scout
    3x Fencing Ace
    4x Fiendslayer Paladin
    2x Witchstalker
    2x Ghor-Clan Rampager

    4x Rancor -> Our challange to replace it
    4x Ethereal Armor
    4x Madcap Skills
    4x Unflinching Courage

    2x Boros Charm
    3x Abundant Groth -> to be dropped after the rotation

    2x Fog
    2x Mending Touch
    3x Skullcrack
    2x Selesnya Charm
    2x Loxodon Smither
    1x Witchstalker
    1x Auramancer
    1x Ray of Revelation
    1x War Prist of Thune

    20 Lands

    Creature card choices:
    Fiendslayer Paladin has been really strong during playtesting with my local Group and he feels nicer to have then Witchstalker. Most of the times his ability is just as good as hexproof plus the extra life gain can be really relevant when it comes to racing some other fast deck.
    I only play 3 Fencing Ace because this card turns really bad once you have some enchantment planted on him and he gets removed by some burn spell of Ultimate Price. In that case I Sideboard to the extra Witchstalker and the Loxodon Smithers in game two.
    The Ghor-Clan Rampager might look a little odd here. I noticed that he suprises my opponents but does a lot of work. Attacking with a loney unenchanted Paladin and buffing him with the rampager can make a nice game change. The Rampager is also a kind of a backup plan when my opponents have enchantment hate in the second game or after a successful Supreme Verdict with no Mending Touch in my Hand.

    Our Challage:
    One BIG reason why Bant Auras has been so great is due to Rancor!
    A Fencing Ace or a Paladin carrying just one of this low cost enchantments can be a real problem for some decks.
    Hopefully there will be a new card to replace Rancor after the rotation.
    Abundant Growth also droppes out, but I guess it is just not as relevant as Rancor.

    About the Sideboard:
    2x Fog: Belive it or not, Fog is great! There have been moments where Fog bought me the extra turn to win the race against very fast creature based decks. Then it almost feels like “Time Walking”.
    I think the little advantage of Bant Auras over this Naya Auras build is the access to countermagic. Thats why I try to load up my sideboard with cards that funktion just as a counterspell.
    Mending Toch is one of theese cards. I play two copys to “counter” Supreme Verdic. (Boros Charm does the same as well)
    3x Skullcrack: It countres my opponents Fog or prevents lifegain. You really dont want your opponment to gain life when playing this fast deck.
    2x Selesnya Charm: This card often gets swaped with Boros Charm. A solid body on the opponents side can be a pain when blocking. Selesnya Charm removes that pain and in addition it can “counterspell” nasty sacrifice cards like Devour Flesh.
    2x Loxodon Smither and 1x Withstalker trade off the Fencing Ace’s when seeing to much creature hate or burn. The Smither also provides me with some solid defence against other aggro creature decks.
    1x Auramancer: Remember the power of Eternal Witness? Here we go again! Auramancer is a great card when going into some longer games or when they Sideboard to enchantment hate. I even think of putting one more of them in my Sideboard.
    Ray of Revelation and War Prist of Thune do just what they do.

    I hope that this was helpfull and that Naya Auras will find its way in the future.
    If you think I have a wrong point of view about some of my card choices please feel free a confront me with your constructive critisism.
    Sorry for my bad spelling … !!!

    • A lot of excellent points. Ghor-Clan Rampager is very interesting and I definitely want to test it out ASAP. It seems perfect for the deck at first glance. I love Fiendslayer Paladin but my meta around NYC is a ton of control decks like Esper so I tend to like Voice + Witchstalker but the Fiendslayer Paladin maybe stronger in the overall future meta. It just wins aggressive matchups.

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