Bioshock Infinite Heroclix Box Break

I would say I am a gamer but I don’t buy many video games. I tend to buy one or two video games I stick to it. I play a ton of Starcraft 2 (but I haven’t gotten the latest release yet) and I just started playing Age of Empires Online (sucks that it is no longer supported). Going to an extreme, I am a little weird in that I still play NBA Live 2005 on Playstation 2. Yes 2005. It is the last year Shaq was good in a game and I haven’t found a Franchise mode in any game that is as fun and challenging.

I have a Wii and an Xbox 360 (that red ring on me 3 times…) but I almost never picked up the fad game of the month, Halo, Call of Duty, Dead Island etc, etc. But one game my friends kept telling me that I had to get was Bioshock Infinite. My friends have recommended me a ton of games in the past but Bioshock Infinite was unusual in that they kept insisting I had to pick it up. Well I was surfing around one day and was watching Day 9 playing it. That is when it clicked. I had to get the game even though I am a little late to the party.

I just love, love, love the game. It has such a beautiful story (which I won’t spoil), such a beautiful world and such interesting characters. It is amazing how much detail they put into the game and I love the whole alternate American history vibe they have going. I probably played the game more for the story and the “sightseeing” than actually the game itself. I can’t wait for the DLCs.

Anyways, when I heard Heroclix was doing a Bioshock Infinite set, I haven’t been more excited about a release for a collectible in a long, long time. Again I really only collect Heroclix figures for the sculpts and I really wanted ones of Bioshock Infinite. What really sucks though was that the release date of the Heroclix figures kept getting pushed back. It has been over a month since the original release date. Even after it was released there was a lot confusion as a lot of stores still didn’t have it in stock. Anyways I finally found a box this weekend at Compleat Strategist.

Bioshock Infinite Heroclix

I opened all the packs and have them neatly organized already.

Bioshock Infinite Heroclix Figures

I just love the sculpts especially the Patriot, the Handyman and the Turrets. The one weird scuplt is Shock Jockey. Shock Jockey has stats of someone with shock jockey but it is just a sculpt of the vigor bottle.

Booker and Liz Rocket Turret Handyman Heroclix

Looking at the abilities and stats, the characters seem to be a ton of fun to build a team around. It is quite a complex game with quite the steep learning curve. I actually don’t really know the rules 100% and have play it wrong a bunch of times but I am going to try to relearn the rules and play it with my brother. I am definitely planning to pick up the Bioshock Infinite Heroclix starter set for the additional figures, the rule book and the maps.


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