MTG’s International Crack A Pack Day

Today is Magic: The Gathering’s International Crack-a-Pack Day and I have a very special pack for this very occasion.

Fallen Empires

Yes, Fallen Empires is probably one of the worst sets Wizards have ever and will ever release but the first pack of Magic cards I have opened was in fact a pack of Fallen Empires. I actually remember the first rare in the pack, Fungal Bloom. I was just a kid back in the day and we had no idea how to play Magic. What we did during lunch recess was we just role played the cards and just let our imagination run wild.

So the pack… is not very good.

Armor Thrull

Armor Thrull. What you would notice right away is how underpowered this set was. A 1/3 for 2B with a super weak ability will never see limited or constructed play.


Homarid. Each color had a race of creatures. Black was thrulls and blue was homarid. The homarid mechanic was interested but it was never worth the hassle. So it goes from low tide to high tide (using tokens to mark it) and the homarid can be a 1/1, 2/2 or a 3/3. It is interesting to note that the tide mechanic is very close to the first draft of the night and day mechanic for the werewolves in Innnistrad.


Thallid. Green gets Thallid and their mechanic is a spore counter every upkeep which you can remove when you collect enough of them for marginal abilities. They were very slow but Time Spiral managed to up the power level and make them somewhat playable. I have even seen a Thallid/ fungus EDH deck that uses some Fallen Empires cards to fill in the holes.

Icatian Infantry

Icatian Infantry. White had humans/ Icatian. I don’t recall them have a specific mechanic but they are basically your typical white weenie cards.

Icatian Scout

Icatian Scout. White and Black may in fact be the strongest colors in Fallen Empires.

Order of Leitbur

Order of Leitbur. The main reason why White and Black are the strongest colors is the Orders cycle. If this was a draft, it is a first pick without a doubt.

Hollow Trees

Hollow Tress. I believe these were the original storage lands. They improve a bit with the Mercadian Masques cycle and they were somewhat playable with the Time Spiral cycle.

Deep Spawn

Now for the rare and it is a miscut Deep Spawn. Wow this brings backs a lot of memories because I pulled my fair share of Deep Spawns and even back then I knew this card was bad. Back in the day blue seem to have a rare slot for a huge I mean huge creatures that cost a ton with a huge I mean huge drawbacks. Also back in day I remember pulling quite a few miscut cards and that rarely happens any more.

The only cards that see play from Fallen Empires anymore is Hymn to Tourach and High Tide but this pack break was still a trip down memory lane. I was actually considering a Homelands/ Fallen Empires cube but I haven’t gotten around to it in awhile but this pack may motivate me to finish it.


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