2013 Bowman Baseball Value Pack

Today I picked up a value pack of 2013 Bowman Baseball. It has 3 2013 Bowman Baseball pack and 3 Bowman Prospect purple parallel cards.

2013 Bowman Baseball

Here are all the cards I pulled.

Bowman Baseball

Bowman Baseball

Bowman Baseball

Bowman Baseball

I didn’t really pull any cards for my PC and I don’t think I pulled any can’t miss prospects. The closest thing to a hit in this pack is the Edwin Diaz Bowman Chrome blue refractor numbered 126/250.

Anyways, every year the Bowman cards look and feel about the same but Topps can get away with it because Bowman is deemed THE prospect set. I pick up a couple packs of Bowman every year and they are fun pack breaks (probably for the prospecting). I am pretty sure they do something every year but I appreciate Topps distinguishing the prospect cards from the rest with different color backs, making it easier to sort. I also thought the Bowman Chrome refractor mini and the top 100 prospects inserts are kind of neat.

I am going to throw the prospect cards with the rest of the prospect/ minor league cards I pulled in years past. I am actually running of room in that box.


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